03 Mar 2014


We’ve all heard the advice ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’, but the power of a clean environment has a more profound effect than you might think. There have been many instances where the power of cleaning has even reduced crime rates, regenerated areas and increased productivity, which might have you rushing to get a new office cleaner.

Bristol would not be the most popular place to suggest cleaning up the streets, what with local hero Banksy and his unique graffiti putting the city on the map. But In Rotterdam they found that cleaning the streets lowered the rate of serious crime.

Police asked residents what they would change in their neighbourhoods to make it a safer and happier place to be and surprisingly, cleaning the streets consistently topped the list…not drug use or theft, cleaning!

The surprise did not stop there. They obliged their wishes and cleaned the streets only to find that the rates of vandalism, violence and drug crime dropped by as much as 30%. Even traffic offences dropped by 19% over the two year period following the initial clean-up, which only goes to show how complex the effects of cleanliness can be.

This initiative began back in 2009, but the pragmatic Dutch haven’t stopped there. In Amsterdam they’ve recently taken the controversial decision to pay alcoholics with beer to clean the streets! They receive five cans of beer spaced out throughout the day as well as half a packet of tobacco and the princely sum of €10.

The effect of cleaning on crime relates to a well debated theory called broken windows theory, which claims that a sign of unsociable behaviour, like a broken window, leads to other acts of vandalism and in turn more serious acts of crime.

This link in cleanliness affecting behaviour has also been found in studies in schools, which found that students’ behaviour was affected by the appearance of the school. Whilst cleanliness alone could not ensure productivity, ignoring it did increase the chances of poor behaviour.

Just like the ball boys and girls at Wimbledon, cleaning is one of those things that when it’s done well you don’t notice it, but when it’s not, it really gets in the way of proceedings. All of these examples and studies show that unclean environments are known to have a negative effect on our well-being, our behaviour to others and even our productivity.

Maybe it’s a simple change that could make a difference in your office?

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03 March 2014 16:51 GMT+00:00    Posted By: Richard Creese