12 Mar 2014

Cleanliness of a commercial premises is an essential requirement to the running of a business, as clients, employees, and customers often find dirty or messy premises incredibly off-putting. An unclean premises could even lead loyal customers to look elsewhere for the services that you offer, meaning that your company could lose business simply by not making an effort to clean, or employ cleaners to maintain the premises.

One question that we often get asked by our clients is how often should their premises be cleaned, and although it often differs on a case by case basis, we can offer a basic outline of how often a premises should be cleaned according to sector. For office spaces, restaurants, retail and public spaces, here’s a quick guide to how regularly your premises should be cleaned.

Retail and Public Spaces

Places that are frequently used by members of the public, and require a specific standard of cleanliness in order to make a profit, such as shops, libraries and other public spaces should ideally be cleaned once a day. With a short cleaning session either prior to opening, or after closing each day, and a more thorough clean on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, your space should be viewed as a clean and comfortable place to shop or socialise.

Office Space

Some businesses may believe that their office space only needs minimal cleaning as it may be a space that is rarely visited by clients. This isn’t true as it is a proven that a clean office space can improve staff happiness and their productivity. Smaller office spaces often benefit best from having a thorough weekly clean providing that those occupying the space daily are willing to contribute to cleanliness by emptying bins and tidying up after themselves.

For larger office spaces and buildings, we advise that a daily clean by a professional service is most appropriate as it means that non-confidential and perishable waste can be disposed of, and the build-up of dirt prevented.

Restaurants, Bars, and Hotels

To avoid issues with the Food Standards Agency, those who operate in the catering or hospitality industry need to have a clear cleaning procedure to be followed by their in-house staff and any cleaning company that they hire. Any premises that handles food and drinks, or offers guest accommodation should clean regularly throughout their working day and make sure that food preparation areas are cleaned extensively after closing to make sure that contamination and dirt build-up is prevented.

Here at Bristol Commercial Cleaners we understand the needs of a busy business. We offer a professional commercial cleaning service for multiple industries, from office spaces, to healthcare premises. If you would like a no obligation quote, or have any questions about our Bristol cleaners, please get in touch via our contact us page, or call 0117 961 9669.

12 March 2014 11:00 GMT+00:00    Posted By: Richard Creese