23 Apr 2014

Ms Wasmund has had a string of successes as a business woman and in a recent interview with the BBC had this piece of top advice:
"Hire a cleaner. Seriously... hire a cleaner."

She goes onto explain her top tip: "Why are you spending time cleaning, and ironing, and all that, when you could be spending that time on your business or socialising?"

Well, she’s got a point! Why spend time doing the smaller tasks that somebody else could do, when you could be doing the things that nobody else can do? And what did she do with all that spare time? A lot of things it seems.

She started out as Chris Eubank’s Personal Assistant before leaving to set up her own PR firm whilst she was only 24 years old, working with the then unknown vacuum cleaner company, Dyson. She helped them build up the recognition they enjoy today and we’re sure she must have picked up some cleaning know-how along the way!

After several other businesses she now runs smarta.com an online recourse for new businesses, funded by those well-known business leaders Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden from Dragon’s Den.

So, she has clearly made good use of her time, freeing up the time she used to spend on doing the usual chores to do what she does best. And as it happens those chores are what we do best!

Hiring a cleaner to help you out with your small business may seem like an added expense that you can’t afford in the early days, but the energy it will save you could make a real difference to your business. It allows you to plough it back into customer service and strategy planning - the real reasons you started your business.

Having to begin or end your day with cleaning your premises is not only tiring for you, it probably results in less than perfect cleaning. When you want your business to give off the best impression possible, it really pays to have it thoroughly cleaned. We offer regular cleaning services as well as thorough deep cleans, carpet cleaning and window cleaning. So your building will look spotless and you’ll have the energy and enthusiasm left to carry on the good impression!

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23 April 2014 08:20 GMT+01:00    Posted By: Richard Creese