15 May 2014

Running an ethical business is not simply about making sure that all your in-house actions and processes are completed to strict ethical guidelines whilst using ethically sourced products. It is also about making sure that you outsource services in a responsible manner.

When hiring a cleaning company, it can be easy to focus on finding one that offers cheap services, rather than looking for one that meets the ethical standards of your company. Rather than fail to meet their ethical status, business owners should check their cleaning company’s credentials to ensure that they comply with their in-house standards.

There are many reasons why an ethical business should hire a caring cleaning company, but here are the most important:

Fair Treatment of Staff

If running an ethical business and treating your employees with a high standard care, you should also be expecting any companies you work with to do the same. At Bristol Commercial Cleaning, most of our employees have been working with us for over 5 years because of the training and duty of care that we provide. The training that we give is in accordance with the British Institute of Cleaning Science so that it meets a nationwide standard and gives our employees skills that have long term career benefits.

Environmental Care

Ethical businesses that aim to run in an environmentally friendly way need to ensure that all the companies they outsource to also incorporate eco-friendly practices. Attempts to reduce a business’s carbon footprint can be damaged if you don’t use a company that also considers its environmental impact. All of the cleaning products we use are approved by the British Institute of Cleaning Services and we strive to use as many environmentally friendly products as possible.

We are commercial cleaners in Bristol who care about the services that we offer. If you would like to know more about how our cleaning services can benefit your business, please get in touch by calling 0117 961 9669.

15 May 2014 12:39 GMT+01:00    Posted By: Richard Creese