26 Mar 2014

Cleaning is typically a job where the turnover of staff is quite high, as it doesn’t tend to top people’s lists of dream jobs! But Bristol Commercial Cleaning has managed to buck this trend, as most of our staff have been with us for more than five years. We provide our Bristol cleaners with brilliant training and working conditions, so they’re keen to stay with us and you don’t need to worry about losing another office cleaner.

Top-class Training

There are many reasons why our cleaners want to stay working for us for such a long time. We take the standards of the cleaning industry very seriously and as a result offer good training for our staff. We follow the high standards set by the British Institute of Cleaning Science, giving our cleaners the expertise that makes them so highly valued in the company.

Fair Pay

Due to the level of training they go through and the exceptional skill level they maintain, our cleaners are paid to reflect their hard work. All of our cleaners receive a higher than average wage, giving them better job satisfaction and increasing their sense of well-being at work.

PNC Checked

Before any of our Bristol cleaners are employed, they go through a rigorous PNC background check to ensure that they have no criminal convictions or anything untoward in their background. The Police National Computer system started in 1974 and holds several databases regarding such things as convictions, custodial history, pending prosecutions and warning markers.

We Enjoy our Jobs!

On top of the respectful way we treat our staff, giving them a well-deserved healthy wage, the main reason our cleaners are the best is because we love our jobs! I know I mentioned at the start of this blog post that cleaning is not everybody’s dream job, but it does actually offer a great deal of job satisfaction. It’s a physical job and we leave knowing we’ve worked hard and can actually see the difference we’ve made.

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26 March 2014 11:25 GMT+00:00    Posted By: Richard Creese