We place great emphasis on getting the details right in the first place, and thereafter putting the controls in place to ensure that we’re continually meeting the agreed standard of care.

To show our commitment, we promise that should you feel unhappy with the level of cleaning at any time, we’ll put it right as soon as we possibly can, but no later than 24 hours.

So in short, here’s how we live up to our cleaning promise:

Step 1: Initial appointment

From the outset, we endeavour to understand exactly what you want from your cleaning provider and we will make a fair assessment of the required service level and associated costs, which will be explained clearly and simply to you.

Step 2: Clear, documented agreement between both parties

We will then scope out a clear agreement for both parties so that there’s no confusion about the service levels required and both JW Creese & Sons and are clients are signed up to it. You can see a typical client agreement here

Step 3: Ongoing – regular site checks

As part of our service, we conduct regular spot checks to ensure that we’re meeting our agreed service level. This is carried out by our fully trained supervisory team who reports directly to the managing director, Richard Creese.

Step 4: Ongoing - client satisfaction logs

We also provide daily client satisfaction logs so that any concerns can be picked up and remedied quickly and efficiently.

Step 5: Regular Support from the top

Finally, you’ll find that Richard Creese, the managing director, will call on a regular basis just to ensure that everything is in line with expectation.