We offer a broad range of professional cleaning services to meet our customers’ needs so whether it’s floor cleaning a large sports hall or making sure the shop windows are gleaming, our service will be tailored accordingly.

No job is too large or too small and we’re happy to do one-off cleans to top up regular cleaning services or fill in for holidays.

All our staff undergo on and offsite training to ensure they know exactly which areas to cover, where the troublesome areas are and if there are any areas to avoid. They will also have an approved list of appropriate cleaning materials for each distinct area which balances cleaning effectiveness and the maintenance of that particular surface.

We like to appoint designated cleaners to every job. That way, our clients have a consistent and reliable level of cleaning service, and a face they know they can trust.

Finally, all our products are approved by the British Institute of Cleaning Services and environmentally friendly where possible. Our services include:

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