We’re often called out to clients who are simply fed up of the state of their offices and their poor quality cleaning service. That’s why, at the outset of any project, we do a thorough office cleaning audit.

Then we can establish where the problem areas are and where you feel the attention needs to be, and set service levels to match.

Ordinarily we feel we can do the best job when there’s a clear desk policy in operation on the designated cleaning day. That means we can wipe all surfaces without problem or interruption. And we operate a damp wipe policy every third clean, just to avoid any build up of dirt or mess.

We will happily clean computer screens, but we don’t touch keyboards, just in case.

We empty all the bins, hoover and wipe round as standard and will happily do the extras for example spot cleaning carpets – tea stains are always a problem and can quickly make an office look shabby.

If you’d like to give your office the same care and attention you give your business, please don’t hesitate to ask us for an office cleaning quote here